The most blesses physical relationship of human being is the physical relationship. The human intellect further offers extreme enhancements when it some to magnify the pleasures of physical intimacy. One of such beautiful enhancement is a pill called as Cialis. It is a drug that has turned the frustration of many people into the most loveable feelings by only a single dose of the drug.

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The Cialis drug not only is the most potent cure for erectile dysfunction but also aids in reducing the pulmonary hypertension drug to its hypertensive effect on blood pressure. It accelerates the release of the nitric oxide substance during the sexual stimulation that is involved in the dilation of the penile blood vessels this way causing the filling of corpus cavernosum of penis with an increased quantity of blood. Similarly, in the lungs it relieves hypertensive vessels from high blood pressure. If, unfortunately, you are suffering from respiratory hypertension, Cialis would be the best option for you to adopt if you want to feel the physical satisfaction and pulmonary ease simultaneously.

The drug, however, is not advised when you are already taking medicines containing nitrates and others called as poppers. Because of its potent hypotensive effect, Cialis can cause dizziness and visual problems if taken inappropriately. People with history of heart attack or stroke are also advised precaution and are suggested to consult their physicians before taking the medicine to avoid any complications. Apart from such instances, the medicine is a boon for improving you sexual performance.

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A majorly used medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Cialis. Cialis comes in the form of tablets with different strengths of doses. The topic of our discussion is Cialis medication. Cialis is used by the people for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as for pulmonary arterial hypertension. The selection of dose is very important. It depends upon the type of health problem and health of the user. Doctors suggest a light dose for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. If you want to treat erectile dysfunction then your doctor may prescribe you a heavy dose. For the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, you should use a light dose 2 to 3 times in a day. In erectile dysfunction treatment you should use the prescribed dose 1hour before the sexual activity.

Many doctors also prescribe this medicine to athletes because it can increase their stamina and performance. First of all I shall tell you about the treatment of erectile dysfunction by the use of Cialis. In erectile dysfunction, the person remains unable to get erection. Erection is very necessary for the sexual activity. It occurs due to the less flow of blood through the arteries. If we talk about the normal person then it does not occur in that person. Since blood flow is decreased by the deposition of fats and oils so in a normal person blood flow does not decreases. Cialis has the ability to give erection to infected person in sexually excited state.

Let us talk about some safety measures about the use of Cialis. You may know that nitrates are very hazardous for the health. Many medicines are available in the market which are sued for the treatment of chest pain and contain nitrates. Some poppers also contain amyl nitrite and butyl nitrite. You should avoid these nitrates in Cialis medication. Tell your doctor about the previous health problems which you have or ever had in your life. The use of Cialis may increase their activity and cause other problems. Besides this, you should also tell your doctor about those medicines which you are using with Cialis.

Well, if we talk about the common and uncommon side effects then you will come to know about different side effects. The common side effects of using Cialis are headache, back pain, muscles aches, facial flushing and dizziness etc. Talking about the uncommon side effects you will get that you may lose your vision and hearing. The chances of getting uncommon side effects are very less. Approximately 1 person gets any of the mentioned uncommon side effects out of 1000. You will be amaze to know that about 8 million people have used Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and got erection.

This drug is easily available in market. You can buy it from any chemist without any tension. If you are facing difficulty in finding it then you can buy it from the online shops. In such a way, you can save your time and money also.

Stay Erected For a Long Time

Many people find it hard to sustain erections. If men are not able to maintain erections, then it could lead to many issues like depression and also dejection towards sex. Moreover, it could also affect the family life. Fortunately, one can come across many ways in staying erected for a long time. The first thing is to physiologically gain strength. Never think that you cannot maintain the hardness; always be positive and think that you can maintain the hardness. It is always better to have open communication with your partner, which is going to help a long way in getting rid of erection problems.

If you feel of not being able to keep up the hardness, it is better to contact the doctor at the earliest. The doctor can only diagnose the right cause of the problem. Sometimes, it could be physical or it could be psychological.

It would be good if you give up smoking and alcohol as these lead to suppression of the erection. Certain medicines are also known to have adverse impact on the penis. The doctor can give advice on the medicines that you are using.

When having sex, never get frustrated. If you feel frustrated, then there is a possibility of losing the erection. Never be tense while having sex; calm the nerves and always enjoy sex.

When engaging in sexual activity, it is better to try several sexual methods. If the same method is adopted everyday, then you could be bored. Different ways are going to give a different sexual experience that is going to make your sexual life thrilling.